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Gimme some sugar, bitch. Make it sweet.

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This particular tumblr is mind numbing perving grounds for myself, a 24-year old raven haired high femme living in South Carolina. I'm a fangirl, horror enthusiast, bow devotee, all the while being a potty mouthed pervert. Usually you will see spam from the things that make me the most happy: Arcade Fire and boobies. Occasionally there will be other things, but usually just porn. Cool. Cool cool cool?

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The Future - Austra

I came so hard in your mouth.
I saw the future, it was dark.
I know I’m not afraid
I’m consumed.
And another thing,
I’m still bruised.

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Momentary Austra spam. I do not apologize. 

Her fucking voice, man.
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#8 &amp; 9 is all I need in life.

#8 & 9 is all I need in life.

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Austra - “Lose It”

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"It’s hidden in the clouds where I can see how easily my mind could just break free. Arise sweet demon and have your say. I deserve nothing, but fortune’s way. Arise sweet demon and have your say. I’ll break your heart, but I can’t stay. Tenderly my garden grows there. Carefully, I’ll care and wait there. I can’t be sure this round will solve it."
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Awesome Voice

Fucking fuck. She’s so amazing.

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